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My experience with Dr. Schleicher has been the best! Him and his staff have great customer service and are very knowledgeable. They take their time to resolve patient matters. I came in for TMJ treatment, which has resulted in no more headaches, neck pains, muscle aches, nor jaw pain. I’m blessed to have finally found a wonderful specialist!
Mio L
I highly recommend Dr. Hans Schleicher for TMJ help. I was reluctant but am so pleased. I could only open my mouth 25mm and now I can open 44mm. In lay terms I could only put 2 fingers in my mouth opening and now I can do 3 easily. My mouth not opening made eating a challenge and painful on hard or tough things like bagels. This took only 9 months for me. I found this process worth it. I still need to wear the appliance every night and I will. Again, I had the best experience!!
Rick Hadley
I am so thankful to have found Dr. Hans Schleicher. He has listened to my concerns for my tmjd, and in the past 8 months he has gone above and beyond to heal me. My pain is gone and my treatment is closer to the end. I wish we had more doctors with personality, care, concern, and the brains that he has.
For the past two months or so, I have been suffering with fever, chills, fatigue, and a type of jaw lock. I began slowly having trouble opening my jaw. So I went to my GP to see if I had an infection. This was the beginning of many long laborious days of taking antibiotics and steroids. One day I would feel great, but then the malaise started up again. More blood tests, shots, antibiotics, and steroids. Nothing seemed to work. My GP finally said that he was baffled and didn’t know what to do, and if symptoms persisted go to the ER. Last Thursday morning, the same symptoms returned with a vengeance; plus I couldn’t open my mouth. I was beside myself, and went to the ER. Had all types of tests; but to no avail of what could be the problem. I was sent home from ER with more meds that relieved the pain about 3 hours. I had a rough time trying to sleep that night. The ER doctor thought it was a migraine. I stayed home on Friday to rest and see if my symptoms would go away. I woke up that morning, and my jaws were “locked” and the headache began again from my temples to my jaws and the back of my head was also throbbing with pain. I couldn’t bend down to put my house shoes on because my head felt like I was caring around a 20+ bowling ball. I managed to call my dentist, and the receptionist gave me a number for a specialist, but his office was closed. I did a few more searches while the pain was getting worse. Then I found Dr. Hans Schleicher name and office. I called and Cyndi answered. As I was explaining, I started crying because the pain was so unbearable. Dr. Schleicher called me immediately on his cell phone. He was so compassionate and kind. He told me that Cyndi, his receptionist/office manager, I think, would begin the preparations for my visit. Cyndi told me that my appointment would be at 1:00 p.m., and that she would send required paperwork. Dr Schleicher called me again to make sure I knew the address and if I had arrived at his office. Before Dr. Schleicher walked in to greet me, he was compassionate, kinds, and that’s when I knew he was going to guide my journey to healing. Dr. Schleicher’s knowledge and guidance gave me confidence that I was with the right doctor! I loved the way Dr. Schleicher explained step by step, the new mouth appliance, and the Red Unit was a part of my plan. After using the Red Unit, I could open my mouth for the first time in a long time. I highly recommend Dr. Schleicher to everyone! He is a genius! Don’t wait until you get as sick as I was; get help right now. Call Dr. Hans Schleicher for an appointment and the right care!
Deborah Garza
Ive been able to breathe again , and sleep better. Thank you so much very nice , and professional.
canelo canelo
If you are searching for help with TMJ then you know how miserably painful and consuming it can be. I was desperately looking for help when I was fortunate, very fortunate, to find Dr. Hans Schleicher back in 2012. My pain was so bad I was spending my days at work with my jaw cradled in my hand. I don’t think I even realized I was doing it half the time! I was having such a hard time finding someone who was knowledgeable about TMJ in the Houston area. I researched several dentists and made an appointment to see Dr. Schleicher. And that was it! He made an appliance that took very few adjustments, and I have worn it since. My jaw healed, I have had no further issues. I hate to think what shape I might be in if I had not made that appointment! I am also a tough grinder, and had previous experiences with more than a few night guards, so I had no problem committing to wearing the appliance. It was a Godsend, and I personally think Dr. Schleicher is too! As an additional benefit, he has the most professional and competent support staff of any practice I have been to. If you are having TMJ issues, I highly recommend you research Dr. Schleicher. He is quite simply excellent at what he does.
Pat Kinnaird
I have been a patient of Dr. Schleicher's for over 20 years now. Having issues with waking several times during the night, I decided to try this device. It works and I recommend trying it!
Inga Domask
Dr. Schleicher is fantastic! I was having issues with sleep apnea several years ago and went to a doctor who diagnosed it. I thought at first that I would need a CPAP mask, but this doctor said that a night appliance would work just fine for me. I went online and researched dentists who specialize in helping patients with sleep apnea. I found Dr. Hans Schleicher, and I discovered that his office was conveniently located in my area. I then made an appointment with his office. His staff is fabulous, and he is wonderful to work with. He is very knowledgeable and explains each step of the process. I received my appliance in a very timely manner, and it only took a couple of nights for me to get used to wearing it. The appliance may require a couple of adjustments in order to get just the right fit for your specific needs. Not to worry... Dr. Schleicher is just a phone call away if you have any problems or questions. I highly recommend Dr. Hans Schleicher…he’s the BEST!!!
Darla Jones
I just want to say I am truly blessed to find Dr.Schleicher, he has changed my life so much and he doesn't even know how awesome he truly is! When I came into the office for an exam, he could see right away I was stressed and I apologized and asked if he knew why my jaw hurts so bad that I would get real bad migraines and my jaws would pop when eating or signing and I was scared and he helped me right away! I got impressions taken for my Tmj appliance and when it arrived he adjusted to my liking and it was truly amazing. Everything changed for the best and I can tell you I wish I would of gotten up sooner and went to his dental office and I wouldn't have been suffering for so long. I can sleep better without trying to go to sleep with jaw pain and headaches or wake up with real bad jaw pains and migraines during night and day! I recommend you to come to Dr.Schleicher ASAP!!! don't wait because he can change your life in such a good way!
Jossie Hernandez
I recently received my device about 3 weeks ago. When I first tried it on, it fit me perfectly. It was easy to put in place before I went to sleep. I felt absolutely great the first morning after I got it and I felt great with lots of energy. It obviously did wonders for my snoring as my wife thought I had gone to the other room when in essence I was tucked in the covers not snoring very loud I was a serious case and now my device has given me a fighting chance to help me bring this sleep apnea under control.
Pat Neal

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