Treating Snoring and Sleep Apnea With Oral Dental Appliances

Studies show that one out of every 15 people in the United States suffers from sleep apnea. Even though this condition is quite common, it continues to have an overwhelming impact on the lives of sufferers. More recently, doctors have discovered that many patients are finding relief from the use of oral dental appliances. These customized mouth guards […]

Why Are So Many Americans Struggling With Sleep?

It’s no secret that more Americans are losing sleep — perhaps more than ever before. The hustle of modern life, our constant connection to screens, and increasing stress levels: All these factors have contributed to a crisis of sleep across the country. In fact, about 50 million to 70 million people in the U.S. have […]

What Are Some Common Symptoms of TMJ Disorder?

A TMJ disorder is a common problem that people face every day. It can be a debilitating issue to deal with, especially on your own. Luckily, there are some treatment options for you if you are struggling with a TMJ disorder. However, before the proper treatment can be administered to you, you must know what […]

The Hidden Epidemic of Sleep Disordered Breathing – As seen in Swoon Magazine

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America is gradually becoming a country of severely sleep deprived people with millions of us going through their daily lives feeling tired and exhausted and not knowing why. Sleep is a universal need of all higher life forms. Humans spend about one-third of their lives asleep, yet most of us know little to nothing about […]

Do you suffer from sleep apnea published in Absolutely Memorial

Do you have excessive daytime sleepiness, lack of concentration or memory difficulties? Do you fall asleep at work, on the phone or driving? You could be suffering from undiagnosed Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which is a far more common condition than is generally understood. Sleep apnea was first described in 1965, making it a relatively newly […]

Signs That You May Have Sleep Apnea

Are you having issues with getting an adequate amount of sleep? Or maybe the sleep that you are getting isn’t getting the body the rest that it needs to feel energized. If so, you may be experiencing some symptoms of sleep apnea. Knowing the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea can help you discover if this […]

Top 4 Common Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

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While snoring is one of the first indicators that a person may suffer from sleep apnea, snoring alone does not constitute sleep apnea.

Everything You Should Know About TMJ

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In your body, a temporomandibular joint, also known as TMJ, is that sliding hinge that joins your jawbone and skull together.

Why You Need a TMJ Specialist


TMJ disorder is a medical condition that affects the joint that joins or connects the upper and lower jaw. This can also be referred to as a temporomandibular joint

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