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Meet Dr. Hans Schleicher

Dr. Hans Schleicher is a native Texan, born in Texas City, and raised in the Houston area. He began his dentistry career in 1980 on the Katy Freeway at Campbell Road and remains in that location to this day. He had a simple goal and a plan, to create a unique dental practice that would not only meet the needs of his patients, but also result in a nurturing, lifelong bond with each patient. That bond has continued with his patients’ children and families, and their referrals. Dr. Schleicher personally answers each email and returns calls within 24 hours. In 2005, Dr. Schleicher began his journey into dental sleep medicine and now exclusively limits his practice to helping and treating patients with sleep disordered breathing (SDB), obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ).

He recognized the need to identify and treat the overwhelmingly undiagnosed prevalence of patients suffering from OSA within his own patient base. To offer his patients the best care possible, and to reduce the impact this serious condition has on his patients’ lives and health, Dr. Schleicher began advanced training in dental sleep medicine. He has accumulated hundreds of hours of continuing education related to SDB, OSA and TMJ disorders

Dr. Schleicher has developed working relationships within the medical community, where he is able to coordinate treatments for patients who are intolerant to CPAP therapy. Ultimately, the goal is to assist these untreated patients in finding an acceptable treatment option that will offer them a healthier, more vital life. This is done through a combination of screening, testing, and treating these patients in collaboration with board-certified sleep physicians. When indicated, oral appliance therapy (OAT) may be an option by opening the patient’s restricted airway to get lifesaving oxygen to the brain and organs while sleeping.

Sleep Houston, a clinic dedicated to helping patients recognize and treat their SDB, provides these patients with oral appliance alternatives to CPAP devices. One of the highest compliments Dr. Schleicher has received is when patients jokingly tell him he is “the marriage saver” once couples are able to share a bedroom again! Or that with quieter snoring, the entire family is sleeping better! Over the past decade, dental-related sleep disorders have only begun to receive the awareness they deserve. Sharing this vital knowledge with other dental and health care providers, as well as the community in which he serves, is a fulfilling part of Dr. Schleicher’s career.

Family and Other Interests

Dr. Schleicher and his wife, June, a registered nurse, have a 30-year-old son, Hans Cameron Schleicher DDS, who has recently graduated from dental school. The family passion for dentistry will continue. Dr. Schleicher and June also have a 26-year-old daughter, Adrian, who graduated from the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas at Austin in 2017. Dr. Schleicher enjoys hobbies such as playing and collecting guitars, reading, boating, gardening, and traveling.

Call 713-828-8587 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Schleicher By completing a questionnaire and using a sleep monitor (on your finger), you may be able to identify sleep issues and take your overall health to a whole new level!

“Sleep is an investment in the energy you need to be effective tomorrow.”
– Tom Rath

Education and Professional Associations

Dr. Schleicher is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston. In addition to his dental affiliations (below), he is also a member of several sleep and breathing disorder organizations.

Dr. Schleicher’s memberships include:

  • American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM)
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)
  • International Academy of Sleep (IAOS)
  • American Academy of Orofacial Pain (AAOP)

Professional Experience and Dental Affiliations

Dr. Schleicher is a noted author and lecturer on multiple topics, including dental sleep medicine and TMJ dysfunction. He is recognized as a leader in his field and has served as dental director for the following health plans:
  • Aetna US Healthcare
  • NYLCare Health Plans
  • Sanus Health
  • Dentex Dental Plan

Over the course of my career, I have routinely helped my patients:

  • Reverse type 2 diabetes
  • Eliminate irritable bowel syndrome
  • Lower blood pressure without drugs
  • Reduce menopausal symptoms naturally
  • Sleep better and regain their energy
  • Regain control of their autoimmune conditions
  • Restore harmony to their circadian rhythms
  • Add life to their years, as well as years to their life